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New York DCs Treat at World University Games

The World University Games hosted by Buffalo, New York this past summer (July 6-18) was an extravaganza of 5,000 athletes from 120 countries.

William Krieger, DC, committee chairman for chiropractic services at the Games, did the administrative legwork that cleared the way through the bureaucratic maze for chiropractic volunteers to provide the athletes with care. Other committee members providing invaluable services were: DCs Sherrie LaShomb (scheduling), Steven Grande (records), Robert Dudzik (equipment moving), Frank Torelli (public relations), Ronald Gefaller (scheduled CAs), and Cynthia Ceier (scheduling and accreditation of out of town DCs).

Five area certified chiropractic sports physicians set up the clinical recommendations for the DCs to follow. The DCs treated 374 athletes from 28 countries.

The DCs from western New York who volunteered their services included:

Heather Andelora; Ronald Andelora; Jeff Angelli; Cynthia Ceier; Kevin Cichocki; Keith Conover; Robert Dudzik; Ronald Gefaller; Stephen Grande; Jeffrey Grazen; Julius Horath; Ali Jafari; Geoffrey Jerow; Richard Jerow; Seth Kaiser; Peter Kase; Bill Krieger; Sherri LaShomb; Judy Silverstrone; Mark Sokolowski; Frank Torrelli; John Weisberg; Steve Zajac. 






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