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Our Patient Services

SIGMA Instrument Assisted Treatment

Unique to chiropractic treatment and technique approaches, SIGMA Instrument Methods™ (ProAdjuster, Spineliner) makes use of an advanced technical instrument for both spinal analysis and spinal adjustment. The system is driven by a sophisticated software package, designed to help the practitioner in locating and treating spinal segmental dysfunction and/or fixations.

Acousana® Therapy

Acousana therapy is a modern approach to healing the human body. The non-invasive treatment uses patented SoftWave® technology that penetrates deep into the tissue of injured muscles and joints to promote blood flow, increase circulation, reduce inflammation and eliminate pain while also stimulating your body's natural process for self repair for long-term healing.

Spinal Decompression

We provide spinal decompression for lower back disc injuries using a Flexion - Distraction Table. This technique and table provides safe decompression and traction of the lower back speeding the recovery of disc injuries.

This technique has the same effectiveness as spinal decompression with a DRX-9000 device without the high cost. Flexion-Distraction is also fully covered by your insurance, the DRX-9000 device is not.

Kinesio Taping

Dr. Gefaller is certified by Spider-Tech and KT-Tape - The leaders in Kinesio Taping. Kinesio Tape is different than the while athletic tape you may have used before. It is not used to provide bracing, but stimulates muscles to improve support around an injured area and it can help restore pain-free movement to a joint or muscles. Kinesio Tape can also be used to reduce swelling and bruising after an injury. This will speed your recovery and get you back to doing what you love.

Chiropractic Care

Dr. Gefaller, one of the most experienced chiropractors in WNY, having over 35 years expereince using "hands on" manual joint and muscle manipulation. Dr. Gefaller is an expert in gentle treatment and will use very little pressure to change how your joints move.  Many times we use manual techniques along with instrument assisted techniques to speed up your recovery time.

Graston & Active Release Technique (ART)

Dr. Gefaller has 21 years experience using ART to treat muscle injuries. ART is very effective in removing muscle adhesions and trigger points allowing for sometimes immediate changes in movement and pain. Dr. Gefaller was selected to join Dr. Leahy (the developer of ART)  at the Ironman Triathlon Championships in Hawaii.


Dr. Gefaller is also certified in Graston Technique. Graston Technique is a modification of ART where a tool is used to assist the doctor in removing muscle adhesions and trigger points.

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