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SoftWave® Therapy

What Is SoftWave Tissue Regenerative Therapy?

SoftWave therapy is a safe, non-invasive, drug free treatment that helps eliminate acute and chronic pain by using patented acoustic SoftWave technology that penetrates deep in to the body to relieve inflammation and help stimulate the body’s natural response for self repair.

SoftWave therapy uses FDA cleared technology and is proven to increase blood flow, reduce inflammation, and eliminate pain so that you can live your life, pain free.

How Does SoftWave tissue regenerative therapy Work?

SoftWave therapy uses patented acoustic SoftWave technology to reduce inflammation by tricking the body into thinking it has been injured when in reality, no damage has occurred. This stimulates the body’s natural response to heal the “damaged” area naturally by increasing blood flow to the area, growing new blood vessels and healing inflamed tissue.

More importantly, SoftWave therapy has been shown to stimulate the migration of your own stem cells to promote long-term healing.

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Benefits of SoftWave Therapy


Reduced Pain and Inflammation


Restored Mobility


Increased Blood Flow and Circulation


Promotes Long-Term Healing


Drug & Surgery Free


Treats the Root Cause of Pain

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