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Here's What Our Patients Are Saying

"Dr Gefaller saved me from years of back pain! I went to my primary doctor for two years with back pain. He gave me pills and exercises to do. After two years with no improvement. I went to Gefaller and after only two weeks I already felt the difference. Now 10 years later I am in great health!"

- Joe W.

"Dr. Ron is a Chiropractic Physician that is not only skilled in manual treatments but has also incorporates into his practice advanced rehabilitation techniques from some of the world's experts. These include Liebenson, McGill, Janda and Kolar techniques to make him one of our areas unique Chiropractic Physicians that provides manual as well as rehabilitation approaches to his patients."

- Michael C. Geraci, Jr., MD, PT

"Dr. Ron is a great clinician with excellent and very comfortable hands on skills. He is also a great teacher, having assisted some of my students with their manipulation training. I know for a fact that his patients miss him in clinical practice, but the current students he is teaching do not know how lucky they are to have a knowledgeable clinician like him on staff for D'Youville College."

- Erson Religioso DPT MTC 

"I (luckily) have not needed  to visit you in a while (I’ve been feeling pretty well) Exercising and skiing regularly, keeping me in shape/condition, and my back/neck seems stable! Particularly if I follow the advice of exercises you gave me to do. I have referred a couple folks to you in the past year as I think you are a great chiropractor!"

- B.H.

"I have worked in the same office with Ronald and was able to see how he interacted with his patients. They continue to come back to him for the positive results he gets and also because he is very caring. 
Great Chiropractor and an even better person."

- Shawn Riester DPT

"My career as a dental hygienist has been extended thanks to Dr. Gefaller's meticulous care. His attention to detail combined with his techniques (especially the Pro-Adjuster) have relieved my chronic pain issues. I live a great distance away, and still travel to see Dr. Gefaller! Highly recommended."

"I am a physician, and I trust Dr. Gefaller with my chiropractic care for musculoskeletal issues. After a short time I have really noticed the benefits of his therapies, and the Pro Adjuster technology is incredibly helpful. Highly recommended."

"I have a herniated disc in my lower back from a car accident. I looked into spinal decompression but found out is was going to cost $5000.00 CASH and take 20 visits at least! No Insurance would cover it! Dr. Gefaller was able to get me back to work in a week using the ProAdjuster and his flexion - distraction table. He told me that both of these treatments would decompress my disc and help me heal up and IT WAS COVERED BY MY INSURANCE! I was back to work in a week and feeling great soon after. Thanks for saving me time and money Dr. G."

"I have been receiving care from Dr Gefaller for many years for a chronic back condition. I cannot recall one time where I have not felt so much better upon leaving his office. He is also extremely personable and in so doing puts you at ease at just the right moments. I would rate Dr Gefaller 5 star in all categories. He has gone out of his way on numerous occasions for which I will always be grateful!"

"Dr. Gefaller epitomizes professionalism. He is caring, compassionate and has a very calming demeanor. He takes a genuine interest in his patients and it shows through his thorough care. Highly recommended!

"Dr. Gefaller was able to fix my back pain in days! He used a machine called a ProAdjuster to gently move my bones and work on my muscles with have to "crack" anything. I had NO PAIN during the treatment and did not get twisted around. He gave me a few simple stretches to do and taught me about posture and proper lifting. I can manage my back now and don't need to go in all the time for "maintenance" treatment. I am in control of my back now instead of it controlling me!"

"I have known Dr. Gefaller for approx. 10 years during which I and my Wife have been successfully treated by Dr Gefaller's Manual Adjustments and later by the Pro-Adjuster, which as I remember , Dr. Gefaller freely shared his input with the Developers . The " Freely " part should come as no surprise as Dr. Gefaller has been " Freely " donating His Time and Talent to Many Events such as Numerous Olympic Games, Rodeo's Little League Football etc. etc.. Dr. Gefaller even took many hours of his Practice and Home Life and answered the call of Local and State level Educators to fill unforeseen vacancies in their Chiropractic Curriculum. Besides the Persona and Curriculum Vitae of the Man, I most admire that Dr. Gefaller first and foremost tries to remediate the CAUSE of the Problem and not just mask the Symptoms."

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