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Why invest in New Technology?

Good question?

Can you do chiropractic care with only your hands and table? Of course you can, and many doctors continue to do so. I practiced this way for over 25 years with a very good success rate in patient response.

The question is always; Can I do better? Can I more efficiently help people get better faster?

This is why I invested in my first two ProAdjuster devices.

They allowed me to work more gently and effectively producing better results in a shortened period of time compared to hands only treatment. We were also able to work on more challenging cases and cases that would normally not be eligible for chiropractic treatment. Win-Win for everyone!

Now I have upgraded again to the newest and best technology available for patient care. The new ProAdjuster 360 provides a 30% increase in effectiveness and has built in protocols for the treatment of Arm and Leg injuries. Another Win-Win!

Need the research? Check it out:

ProAdjuster Research Chapter:

Hope you are having a great day!

Dr. Ron


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