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We are adding and improving again!

We will soon be receiving a new and improved ProAdjuster 360 device and a new ProSoft360 device.

The ProAdjuster360 is significantly improved making your chiropractic care more efficient and gentle.

ProSoft360 for Manual Motion Therapy delivers smooth, subtle, and synchronized impacts to the body’s soft tissues in order to reduce symptoms and improve performance.

ProSoft360 for MMT does Mechanical Motion Therapy, which couples instrument tapping technology with patient assisted, specific motion patterns.

ProSoft360 has 64 different built-in, computerized protocols customized to each body region, ensuring proper function and performance of the entire body.

These protocols specifically target the neuropathways along with the muscles, tendons, ligaments, and all surrounding soft tissues. This process improves nerve communication throughout the body.

Improve your:

  • balance

  • golf

  • ankle

  • elbow

  • foot

  • freedom

  • hand

  • hip

  • knee

  • lower back

  • neck

  • pelvis

  • performance

  • rib

  • shoulder

  • wrist

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