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Important things to know when considering Acousana Softwave Tissue Regenerative Therapy...

  • SoftWave Therapy is an effective approach to healing the human body using acoustic waves to stimulate your body's natural processes for self repair.

  • This technology is not new. It has been in the marketplace for over 14 years in Europe and just recently FDA cleared in the US.

  • There are no known significant negative side effects.

  • Inside of the applicator head, SoftWaves are created through the use of an electrode contained within a soft latex dome filled with water. When charged with electricity, the electrode creates a spark under the water. This spark creates a hot bubble of gas that expands into the surrounding water and produces the SoftWave that travels out of the applicator and into the affected area being treated.

  • These high energy acoustic waves penetrate deep into damaged tissue resulting in increased mobility and significant reduction, if not complete elimination of inflammation and pain in just the first treatment. Additionally, electrohydraulic shockwaves have proven to have a 300% increase in small, medium and large blood vessels within 12 weeks following the first treatment.

  • More importantly, these high energy acoustic waves cause cellular walls to become permeable allowing exosomes to escape into the interstitial tissue mimicking cellular injury which triggers the migration of your body’s own stem cells to the area for sustained long-term healing over a 12 week period following the last treatment.

  • Not all shockwave therapies are the same. Other companies promote acoustic wave benefits when in fact, most other devices are not true shockwaves. They manufacture a false shockwave which is painful, creates micro trauma to the area and in some cases requires a numbing agent in order for the patient to tolerate the treatment.


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