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Did You Know...

While arthritis is normal and natural,

the decisions we make each day can dramatically impact

how likely it is to become a problem down the road.

Bottom Line

Thinning spinal discs, bone spurs, and

other arthritic changes can result from injuries,

conditions related to lifestyle, and,

yes - even plain old gravity.

Why It Matters

Your spine is your lifeline!

You can manage and even mitigate many of the perceived

challenges of arthritis by making positive decisions

for your spinal health each and every day.

Next Steps

Here's how to get started. First, practice exercises

that both stretch and strengthen the body daily.

Remember, movement is medicine!

Second, employ proper ergonomics wherever possible,

especially in your workspace.

Finally, follow an anti-inflammatory diet as much as possible.

Trust us, it all adds up!

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