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Did You Know...

It’s possible to experience sciatica symptoms without low back pain.

Bottom Line

Sciatica pain can be felt at any point along the length of an impacted sciatic nerve, and if it's not felt in the low back, pain will often appear in the back of the hip, thigh, or calf and may even radiate to the foot.

Why It Matters

Most of the top causes of sciatica are linked to the irritation, compression, or impingement of a sciatic nerve. Herniated discs, bone spurs, overgrown ligaments, and stenosis can also contribute to the development of "pinched" nerves and sciatica pain.

Next Steps

Chiropractic care is an ideal treatment for sciatica pain because it can directly address the root cause. In fact, in one recent study researchers observed that over 90% of patients with symptomatic sciatica reported being "much better" after receiving care.

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