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Did You Know...

Researchers found that people who were depressed

experienced an improved mood

after they changed their posture to be more upright.

Bottom Line

The exact reason posture and emotion appear to be connected is still unclear.

Whatever the explanation, when it comes to posture and depression,

developing good posture habits can help you feel more confident, energetic, and happy.

Why It Matters

Posture can either work for or against us. Consider this.

When you slouch, you put extra strain on your joints and

force your supporting muscles to work harder.

This alone can lead to a constant state of aches

and discomfort no one wants to deal with.

Next Steps

If you're slouching as you read this, pause and pull your

shoulder blades back and together,

relax your shoulders down away from your ears, and look up.

The more you work on it, the easier it will get,

and simple changes like this can result in a

noticeable difference in how you feel day in and day out.


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