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Did You Know...

Whiplash symptoms do not always occur

immediately after an accident.

Bottom Line

With all that post-impact adrenaline pumping,

your brain may not register the pain signals

coming from your body. Much of the time,

it's only after you've calmed down that pain

and other symptoms appear.

Why It Matters

Don't dismiss delayed symptoms. They are very real,

and even minor ones can be an indication of something more.

And the longer you wait to get evaluated and receive care,

the more likely it is you'll need more

aggressive medical care down the road.

Next Steps

And get this. While medications can provide temporary pain relief,

they don't do a thing to help your body heal.

That's why chiropractors are often the first

healthcare professionals people see after an accident.

Research has shown that active care involving

range of motion and mobilizing exercises and strengthening

can effectively reduce pain and help the body heal, naturally.


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