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Clinical Study About SoftWave Therapy Reports 95% Effectiveness for Sore Knees and Osteoarthritis

Did you know that about 10 percent of the population has a disease called Osteoarthritis? Doctors report that this pathology impacts between ranges from 30 to 55 percent of all orthopedic patients who visit their physician or specialist.

Now, studies are reporting that StemWave Acousana SoftWave Therapy is a “promising method of conservative therapy of osteoarthritis patients” and more.

This clinical study states StemWave Acousana SoftWave Therapy “represents a promising alternative surgery treatment of deforming knee osteoarthrosis.” StemWave Acousana SoftWave Therapy treats all types of knee pain, and is very effective in offering fast relief.

In recent studies, The Mayo Clinic states that StemWave Acousana SoftWave Therapy is very beneficial of injuries, including sports injuries.

“Say we are treating a basketball player in the middle of the season who is experiencing jumper's knee that is inhibiting his or her ability to practice or play," said Dr. Finnoff, a colleague at Mayo Clinic. "ESWT might be the next option for that athlete after we have tried all of the standard nonoperative treatments. Normally, when athletes have failed treatment, we have to tell them that they can't play or that they need to consider more-invasive treatments such as a needle tenotomy, experimental regenerative medicine treatment or surgical debridement, all of which are associated with higher costs, increased risk and longer recovery periods. While often successful, all of those more-invasive therapies require time off and can effectively end an athlete's season. ESWT thus provides athletes with a really nice intermediate option that, if successful, isn't season ending."

A study by Drs. N.I.Sheveleva and L.S. Minbaeva report that, “85 percent of patients showed considerable improvement. The morning stiffness rate was reduced by 44%, joint index reduced by 39%, and functional index reduced by 18% compared to the initial data.”

This impressive study concludes that, “in 95% cases shockwave therapy decreases the painful syndrome and also improves the function of knee joints.”

Knee issues are very common in our practice. At StemWave Therapy Buffalo, I have seen my patients with knee issues achieve successful results, most times within their very very first StemWave Acousana SoftWave Therapy treatment.

Avoid surgery, drugs and invasive procedures. StemWave Acousana SoftWave Therapy is non-invasive, drug free, and will tackle your knee pain fast.

Schedule your appointment now and we promise to tackle your issues. You deserve to feel great, and we can help.

To experience StemWave Acousana SoftWave Therapy in Orchard Park, CLICK HERE.


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