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Are You Low on This Crucial Carbohydrate?

If you’re feeling sluggish often, there may be more behind it than just a poor night of sleep. While fiber is an important part of our diets, many adults don’t get enough each day.

Fiber is categorized as a carbohydrate, though it’s different from most and cannot be digested. This allows it to pass through the body and help regulate the use of sugars, which keeps our blood sugar and hunger balanced.

Are you low on fiber? Here are a few common signs.

1. Your cholesterol is higher than normal. Healthy fiber intake means cholesterol is moved out of your system before it can clog the arteries. In a review by the British Medical Journal, it was discovered that for every 7 grams of fiber eaten daily, the risk of heart disease dropped by 9%.

2. You’re always hungry. When you don’t get enough fiber in your diet, you may feel hungry quicker than you would if you ate a fiber rich meal. One reason for this is because your stomach empties more slowly after a high fiber meal.

3. You’re struggling to lose weight. Without adequate fiber intake, you won’t feel as full and may end up eating more food sooner than you should.

4. You’re constipated. Because fiber absorbs water, one of its benefits is producing softer stools, making it easier to go to the bathroom. Get more fiber into your diet by adding beans, broccoli, berries, and avocados to your meals.

As your partner in health, we always want you to feel your best. Let us know if there’s anything else we can help you with naturally the next time we see you.


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