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As per a 2020 study, more than 40% of across the globe suffer from chronic pain. And according to Dr. Ronald Gefaller , lower back pain is the most common reason people visit doctor’s offices.

However, many patients are always searching for alternatives as they fear the cracking sound of manual adjustment. And Sigma chiropractic is such a practical alternative option.

So, if you decide to use Sigma Pro-Adjuster chiropractic for your health, visit the Relief Care Chiropractic Center today. Get in touch with us and heal your pain with some of the best chiropractic care in WNY.

The Way Sigma Chiropractic Treat your Health

Bear in mind; Sigma chiropractic generally focuses on the spinal joint; however, it might reduce the pain of other parts of your body. Hence, before you visit the Relief Care Chiropractic Center, Dr. Ronald Gefaller explained some surprising advantages of Sigma instruments.

1. Reduces Neck Pain

As per a 2018 study, neck pain is the most common health problem. Especially when you sit for several hours in a specific place and continuously change your neck direction to use your smartphone. Sometimes, because of poor posture, you might also suffer from neck pain. Fortunately, at the Relief Care Chiropractic Center, Dr. Ronald Gefaller might reduce your neck pain by easing tension from the neck muscles & realigning your spine.

A 2019 study proved that the Sigma chiropractic might help reduce neck pain by adjusting neuropeptides levels.

2. Decreases Back Pain

Sigma chiropractic can be an excellent alternative to critical medical methods such as surgery, painkillers, or injections to treat chronic pain.

As per the American College of Physicians, many times before analyzing the problem, doctors recommended medications. And sometimes, due to this, patients might suffer from several side effects. Fortunately, as per a 2017 survey, Sigma Pro-Adjuster chiropractic can treat back pain more effectively than standard processes. However, be sure that you treat yourself from an expert chiropractor like Dr. Ronald Gefaller.

3. Modifications of Osteoarthritis Symptoms

Many times because of the degeneration of the cartilage, patients might suffer from osteoarthritis. Fortunately, at the Relief Care Chiropractic Center, by utilizing Sigma instruments, Dr. Ronald Gefaller can adjust the spinal joints as well as reduce the bones rubbing.

Besides, as per a 2020 study, by increasing the joint capsule, cartilage, and bone status, Sigma chiropractic might slow down the arthritis progression.

4. Eases Headaches

Sigma chiropractic can effectively reduce tension headaches & headaches that occur due to neck pain. As per a 2017 survey, if you complete 6 to 8 sessions of Sigma chiropractic from a top clinic like the Relief Care Chiropractic Center, you will understand that Sigma Pro-Adjuster is more advanced than manual adjustment and can comfortably treat your pain.

5. High Satisfaction

Researches already proved that Sigma chiropractic offers a higher satisfaction level to the patients than manual adjustment.

For instance, a 2019 survey study shows that a group of 550 patients in trusted chiropractic care, such as at the Relief Care Chiropractic Center, reported a higher level of satisfaction. Also, in this survey, 93 % of patients had reduced their pain and 80% of patients had reported that Sigma instruments improve their overall health condition.

6. Improves Posture

According to a 2014 study, undergoing Sigma chiropractic treatment might help you improve your posture, primarily if your bad posture is caused by hours of sitting.

A 2016 case study examined the chiropractic treatment effect on a 28 years woman who deals with back pain and headaches generated by hyperkyphosis posture. After 28 to 30 chiropractic treatments over six months, she showed excellent improvements in her posture and relief pain in both neck & head.

Visit the Relief Care Chiropractic Center Today

We believe now you understood the advantages of Sigma chiropractic treatment. Hence, we advise you to come to our clinic, Relief Care Chiropractic Center, and lead a positive lifestyle. Also, if you want to schedule an online appointment, then you can browse our website, Relief Care Chiropractic Center, and have a face-to-face conversation with Dr. Ronald Gefaller.


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