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4 Healthy Alternatives to Junk Food

Sometimes, we just can’t help ourselves from indulging in our favorite unhealthy snacks. If that sounds familiar, you’re not alone. Looking for healthier alternatives to treats?

Here are some scrumptious swaps that are great for your health.

1. Instead of purchasing store bought potato chips or crisps, bake your own. This way, you’ll know you’re eating whole-food ingredients instead of something overly processed.

2. Replace donut holes with protein balls. Mix rolled oats, nut butter, and honey together and then shape them into spheres. These no bake treats are both delicious and healthy!

3. Trade candy bars for dark chocolate treats. You can even try dipping nuts or fruits like sliced strawberries or bananas in dark chocolate for something that’s sure to serve your sweet tooth.

4. Instead of soda, choose fruity flavored seltzer water. You won’t just be cutting calories, but tons of sugar, which is great for your health.

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