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The Health Benefits of a Digital Detox

The Health Benefits of a Digital Detox Google Tag Manager End Google Tag Manager


Living in a world awash in technology can make life easier in some respects, but it can also be enslaving and detrimental to health and relationships. Whether we spend hours texting and tweeting or surfing and gaming, tech time can potentially become addictive.

There’s no doubt that technology can play a vital role in our workday and everyday life. There are times though when a break is in order. Here are five ways to institute a digital detox:

  1. Put away phones and other devices at mealtimes. By turning your phone or tablet off while eating with family and friends, you’re cultivating critical bonds with each other. That’s priceless.

  2. Take a holiday from technology during your travels. Whether you’re tempted to post a picture from Paris or tweet a review of a fabulous restaurant in Rome, resist the urge. Instead, experience your vacation with the people you’re with.

  3. Put to bed blue light distractions. Consider powering down your phone and other devices at least one hour before your head hits the pillow. You’ll likely unwind easier and may sleep better as you won’t be exposed to the blue light from your gadgets.

  4. Impose a daily limit on tech time. Consider checking your email fewer times a day, going on social media less and turning your phone off by a specific time at night.

  5. Fill your technology-free time. Imagine all the things you can do when technology isn’t sneakily stealing your time. Relax, get together with friends or family, exercise, take a trip, learn something new or volunteer. The options are seemingly endless.

While it’s unrealistic that we’ll adopt a monastic-like existence without worldly distractions, occasional or regular digital detoxes can nourish the mind and body. For another form of detox, ensure your nervous system is functioning optimally by scheduling an appointment with us.

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