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4 Tips for Healthy Eating Outside of Your Home


Who doesn’t like to dine out? And with so many two working parent families and single working parents, it’s often easier to pile everyone into the car and hit the nearest restaurant for dinner. Not to mention those who live alone find it difficult to cook for only one. Question is – is it really possible to eat well when you eat out?

If you rule out fast food restaurants – yes! Here are a few ways to make healthier choices on your next date night or family outing.

• Pick fruit for dessert instead of a sugar-rich and fat-filled dessert – or order only one and share with the table!

• Don’t think you have to “clear your plate” just because it’s in front of you – ask to take the leftovers home for another meal.

• Avoid selections with mayonnaise, sour cream and butter.

• Order healthy salads as entrees.


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