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3 Signs of “Burnout”


You’re constantly tired, life is just “too hard,” and your get up and go just got up and went! You heave a heavy sigh and wonder if whatever it is that you’re doing is really worth the effort. Burnout? Could be…

What are the symptoms? You might experience:

1. Physical and emotional exhaustion 2. Lowered immune system response, turning into frequent bouts of illness 3. Withdrawal from personal relationships

What can you do to recover from burnout? Slow down and take some time for yourself to rest, relax and reflect. Let go of unnecessary commitments that are a burden. Lean on loved ones or professionals for the emotional support you need.

Remember that burnout is usually triggered by an emotional issue that manifests as lethargy. One of the best ways to help your body better accommodate stress is to obtain regular chiropractic care.


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