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How To Erase The Damage From Your Youth


It is important to make good decisions because they will affect your health later on in life. However, even if you have not made the best health decisions, you can still reverse some of the damage that you may have done.

How You Can Reverse Damage

Walk More

Sitting down too much is one of the biggest health mistakes that people today make. Even if you exercise for an hour per day, you may be negating the potential health benefits by sitting down too much. Fortunately, you can reverse the effects of sitting down too much by walking more. Try to schedule time during the day to walk. One study showed that obese patients who scheduled light to moderate walking sessions during the day were able to lower their blood sugar and blood pressure.

Stop Smoking

Even if you have smoked your entire life, you can reap immediate health benefits by quitting smoking. In fact, studies suggest that your lung function will improve within three months if you stop smoking. You could also cut your risk of heart disease by 50 percent within one year of stopping smoking.

Eat More Salads

If you start eating healthy now, then you can potentially reverse years of damage caused by unhealthy eating. You do not have to make radical changes to make a difference. You can start off small. For example, if you eat a salad every day for lunch, then you can potentially notice a major difference in your health within a short amount of time.

Eating salads is a simple way to get more vegetable servings. A salad will also supply with the vitamin C and vitamin E you need. Furthermore, you can lose weight by substituting one meal for a salad every day.

Cut Down On The Drinking

If you drank a lot during your young adult years, then you may want to start cutting down on your alcohol consumption now. Heart disease and liver disease are often brought on by years of drinking. Men do not need to consume any more than two drinks per day. Women should only have one. You should also have a few alcohol-free days per week.

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