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Chronic pain like Fibromyalgia makes it hard for anyone to live the life they want. Let alone get treatments such as physical therapy, medications, creams, and so on.

Life happens and sometimes you step away from the treatment plan, but then the pain comes back.

Regular chiropractic care can help patients with fibromyalgia adhere to long-term physical therapy programs. Thus, making the patient receive the full benefits of exercise.

A study in 2009 of 55 women with fibromyalgia, ages 21-59, were divided into two groups. Some did resistance training and the others received chiropractic care on top of the resistance training. Both the groups improved greatly with upper and lower strength, decreasing pains and tender points.

They also had the ability to do everyday tasks. But the patients who had received chiropractic care along with the training, were found more likely to follow the exercise programs consistently. They also had large improvements in functionality, flexibility, balance and endurance.

Both studies worked wonders. But the group that had chiropractic care were more driven to continue their training and were more focused and determined.

We see many patients with issues such as this, and with regular adjustments, we can help you live your life with no limits.


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