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Spinal Decompression ( aka Flexion - Distraction Therapy )


Back Pain. Neck Pain. Arm Pain. Leg Pain. Even pain after back surgery. Flexion Distraction is the gentle, safe, controlled treatment for spinal pain relief.



Flexion distraction drops intradiscal pressures as low as -192mmHg and widens the spinal canal area by as much as 28%. As a bonus, flexion distraction returns motion to the spinal joints, too!


How fast? 


Flexion distraction for low back pain conditions takes just 12 visits in 29 days average. (1) Flexion distraction for neck pain conditions takes just 13 visits average. (2) Now if you have a disc herniation, logically, that will likely take more visits/days than if you have a sprain or strain. Plus, these are just averages. Some back pain and neck pain sufferers find relief in just a visit or two. Now that’s a welcome relief.


Note: Flexion Distraction follows evidence-based and documented protocols.

The federally funded studies use and test them. Flexion distraction doctors read them in the medical published textbooks and peer-reviewed journals.


The goal of flexion distraction care is at least 50% relief of pain in 30 days before any advanced imaging or testing is ordered. (Have no fear! If you are getting progressively worse or have cauda equina symptoms (can’t control your bladder or bowel), you would be referred immediately!)  With over 30 years experience doing this procedure, we know what to look for!  


91% of patients are satisfied with flexion distraction in 90 days.


For what conditions?

 Lots of them! Check out this list of conditions flexion distraction helps.

What's a treatment feel like?

 Ahhhh... It's relaxing, relieving, gentle. No quick moves or noise.

Who offers flexion distraction? 

We do! Dr. Gefaller is the most experienced Spinal Decompression / flexion - distraction provider in the SouthTown's with over 30 years experience and extensive clinical training.


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