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Prevent Aches and Pains This Holiday Season

The most wonderful (and busiest) time of year is upon us. Shopping and wrapping gifts are inevitable tasks this holiday season. Relief Care Chiropractic Center reminds you to go about this merry work in a way that can prevent typical aches and pains. To make holiday shopping and gift wrapping as painless and enjoyable as possible, take into consideration the following tips:

  • Wear shoes with plenty of cushioning in the soles to absorb the impact of walking on those hard shopping mall floors.

  • Plan trips to your car to drop off shopping bags. Don't carry more than absolutely necessary.

  • Skip the coffee break. Coffee and sodas contain caffeine and sugar, adding stress to your body. Continue to hydrate with water throughout the day.

  • Planning to online shop this year? Be sure to sit at your laptop or computer upright with your ears over your shoulders. Do not bend your head forward to read the screen; look down at the screen with your eyes only.

  • When wrapping gifts, try to vary your positions (for example, wrap while standing at a table or countertop for one package or sitting on a bed for another.)

  • Avoid wrapping gifts while sitting on the floor as it can wreak havoc on your posture.

  • Stretch after wrapping. If you're leaning forward to wrap, stretch backward when you are done.


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