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Evidence-Based Care


Our office enjoys a mutually beneficial relationship with local orthopedists, pain management groups and primary care physicians. We have earned their trust by demonstrating the efficacy of an evidence-based approach to manual therapy.

Physicians are concerned about the large degree of variance between chiropractors, in that some are practicing in a medical-model, while others are providing a holistic or maintenance model. They have concerns regarding continuity of care, timely referral for more serious conditions and prolonged treatment plans.

At Relief Care Chiropractic, we work on a 2-4 week clinical trial basis, with timely, concise, medically-termed correspondence provided to all practitioners participating in that patient’s care. If the patient fails to meet clinical outcome goals, either the plan is changed, or appropriate referrals are made for diagnostic or clinical decision-making.

We do not perform any in-office diagnostic imaging. We do not routinely order x-ray on all patients, but instead use the same imaging guidelines used by medical physicians, in order to determine when imaging is appropriate.

We are in-network, preferred providers with most all insurance plans, including

HMO products. We obtain any necessary pre-authorizations on behalf of our patients.


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